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Environmental building – economic success
Today, alongside economic considerations, environmental concerns determine how we think and act in our ever faster transforming industrial society. So whether you are a project client or investor you must be able to rely on the expertise of your advisors and planners. Intensive communication right from the outset is the foundation stone for a successful project. From technology selection to potential subsidies and including project management, our experience is a platform on which you can build. Within our network we can provide you anytime with first class advisory expertise on a variety of subjects including biodiesel, biogas or additional plants to generate power from renewables (including building construction), facilities for food (compliant with food-related laws)and non-food production, as well as new construction and reconstruction projects in public and private building.

office competence

Creative designs - pragmatic solutions
These apparent contradictions can give you a decisive advantage in the competitive environment. Under today's general conditions exploring the limits of what is possible is a necessary part of the services provided by a planning office. In our opinion, public engineering means supporting client projects in the course of various official reviews and permit-procedures and assuring their success while not losing sight of economic concerns. This is where you can take advantage of the broad range of experience which our architects, engineers and planners supply.

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Innovation - sustainability
Global changes are impacting more and more on every one of us. Whether you are building privately or represent a group of investors, you and your project will be confronted with the challenges of implementing environmentally sound solutions. In this situation, knowing that you have a planning office on your side which combines modern as well as traditional technologies can give you the security you need. Over 15 years of continuous development, a core team which has been working together from the very beginning, the very latest hardware and software and, most importantly, highly motivated employees are the pillars on which you as a client can depend.

No matter whether you are still considering alternatives or whether you already have made a clear choice, give us a call. A non-binding conversation will give you the opportunity to judge whether we are the right partner for you.